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This Service Agreement for property tax services between Property Tax Lock, LLC (PTL) and Client for Property Tax Account purchased at checkout will be in effect for the year 2024.

Client retains and employs PTL to represent Client and Client’s designated property (The Property) for the purpose of contesting the Property Tax Appraisal under Texas Property Tax Code Section 4141 before the appropriate Texas County Appraisal District (CAD) and/or Appraisal Review Board (ARB) pursuant to the following terms and conditions.

PTL will have the sole right to determine the extent to which it is appropriate to pursue and appeal of the appraised value of the subject property in a non-judicial form. The scope of this Agreement includes representation by PTL of Client’s Property described above in the PROTEST process, but specifically and expressly DOES NOT include: representation in Binding Arbitration, or judicial appeals to District Court, delinquent property tax matters, challenging a Property appraised value under any other section of the Texas Property Tax Code, or obtaining or modification of any Property Tax Exemption. Under no circumstances will PTL engage an attorney to appeal any assessment in a court of law.

PTL has not and does not make any guarantee, representation or warranty as to the results which may be obtained, or the actual assessed value which may be achieved, by virtue of its services. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed or construed in any respect to make PTL liable for the payment of any ad valorem taxes, penalties, interest or other fees relating to the property covered by this agreement. PTL is being hired to prepare a protest, prepare evidence, and attend a formal or informal hearing.

In return the Client agrees to pay for PTL’s services on the following terms:

Client agrees there will be no refund if the appointment of agent form is not signed after completing the sign up process. The appointment of agent form requiring signature can be found in the my account page after logging in.

Client agrees not to make any disparaging comments on social media and agrees to resolve any disagreement through the Better Business Bureau.

A flat fee in the amount indicated at checkout. The fee will be due and payable upon acceptance of this agreement.

Our representation will include an informal meeting with CAD staff, if available. For purposes of resolving the protest, you agree that our firm has your permission to settle your protest with CAD staff, if the CAD offers a value below the Notified Value, in lieu of a formal hearing.

By clicking the checkbox and paying the fee to Property Tax Lock you are also agreeing to sign the Appointment of Agent form that allows us to represent you before the county appraisal district. Signing the appointment of agent form is the clients responsibility, if it is not signed we will not be able to represent you before the appraisal district. There will be no refunds issued if the client does not sign their appointment of agent form.