3 simple steps to protect your property from an unfair tax valuation:

What Property Tax Lock will do for you:

Submit your signed Appointment of Agent to the taxing authority

Once you sign the legally required Appointment of Agent form, we will electronically submit to the Appraisal Review Board.

File your protest in a timely manner

We will file your protest before your deadline.

Notify you of your hearing date and time

We will schedule the hearing, but we will try to settle informally first. If a hearing is required, we will attend on your behalf.

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You've read through just 25% of our process. As you can see, we will work tirelessly to get your property the fair valuation it deserves. Start the process by analyzing your property, then let Property Tax Lock do what we do best.

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Gather pertinent property information

Using our own algorithms and considerable property data, we will collect information on your property as well as comparable properties.

Review the property worksheet you provided

We will review any information you provided on our property information worksheet, and photos or documents you uploaded.

Prepare a market approach to value case

We will analyze the market value of your property along with comparables, and prepare an approach to have your property valued fairly.

Assess the Appraisal District's methodology

We will evaluate the formula used by the Appraisal District to value your property to gain insight for your case.

Let the professionals at Property Tax Lock fight for you.

You can login to your account dashboard to follow along as we exhaust all available methods to protest your tax appraisal value.

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Prepare a case to submit at the time of a formal hearing

Using our market value approach, we will prepare a solid case for a fair valuation.

Present prepared case to the Appraisal Review Board

We will challenge the Appraisal District's evidence, and provide evidence that supports our prepared case to have your property fairly evaluated.

Communicate the results of the hearing

We will send you an email with your results, along with any recommendations available after the hearing.

Provide you a final value notice by mail

As your protest agent, we will receive an official notice of your final value. We'll ship it out to you immediately, and send you an email to let you know it's on the way.

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