How Will COVID19 Affect Your 2020 Property Tax Protest

Category: Uncategorized Posted: 22nd April 2020

Please be advised Property Tax Lock is prepared to file your protest, gather evidence and attend an in person protest hearing to make sure that your property is valued fair and equal. Most Appraisal Districts will be mailing out their first round of preliminary value notices on May 1st State law sets the appraisal date […]

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Market Value vs. Appraised Value

Category: Videos Posted: 15th March 2018

A common question we get is “Why is our property’s market value different than the appraised value?”. We hope this video in this post helps answer that.

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The Hidden Property Tax

Category: Videos Posted: 6th April 2017

This video illustrates the hidden costs associated with increasing property valuations. Property Tax Lock has prepared a petition to all Tarrant County taxing entities, to make an equal compensating adjustment to tax rates as property valuations increase to offset the total taxes levied. Click here to sign.

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